This neo-classical mansion was built in the middle of the 19th century by the doctor Mr. Oikonomides, who had studied in Paris. Later the building was bought by the Vitalis family, of the famous sculptor George Vitalis originally from Tinos. Vitalis studied in the schools of Fine Arts in both Athens and Munich and worked in Alexandria and Hermoupolis amongst other important centres. His works can be admired today in – amongst other places – the cemetery and the main town hall square of Hermoupolis. The current owners of the Vitalis mansion Dr. Christos Dimopoulos and Mrs. Marita Haase-Dimopoulou bought the building from relatives of the sculptor in 1985. This Greek-German couple with their love of classical style and originality transformed the building into a first class boutique hotel with a fame, which has now spread far beyond the borders of Greece. The hotel’s interior decoration and choice of furniture has been carried out mainly by Mrs. Dimopoulou. The Greek Ministry of Culture has formally designated the hotel as an historic listed and therefore protected building.


From its earliest days, Hotel OMIROS has been honoured to welcome many famous personalities as guests. Initially some of the most important Greek ship owners were staying as their ships were being repaired in the renowned shipyards of Syros. Later and from the beginning of the 1990s Hotel OMIROS became well known in diplomatic circles in Athens. The Hotel has hosted ambassadors from many countries including the USA, the UK, France, the Netherlands as well as numerous consuls of various countries. Equally, famous Greek composers, actors, authors and poets found the Hotel OMIROS an ideal place to rest. Nor should one forget to mention the politicians, ministers and their families and last but not least the President of the Hellenic Republic who all preferred this elegant mansion for domicile during their stays on Syros. The guest books of the Hotel provide interesting reading.