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The most popular beaches of Syros

In Hermoupolis, the beach below St. Nicholas church outside the harbour basin is only 10 minutes walk from the hotel.

Or if you prefer you can rent a car or take the public bus from the port – during summer time about every half an hour- to one of the following beaches:

  • Azolimnos – less than 10 minutes drive from Hermoupolis

This is a nice and relatively long sandy beach. In recent years some new taverns have opened, so a variety of lunch or dinner opportunities wait for you.

  • Vari – 10 minutes drive from Hermoupolis

This nice sandy beach, is an ideal place for children to play in the shallow sea. When the winds are strong Vari is also the most protected bay where the sea stays calm in all but the heaviest weather There are also some nice taverns just at the beach overlooking the bay.

  • Megas Yialos – 15 to 20 minutes drive from Hermoupolis

Megas Yialos shortly after Vari is also a sandy beach, with 2-3 taverns behind it.

  • Posidonia or Dellagrazia – 20 minutes drive from Hermoupolis

In the old times this village was the summer resort of the wealthy families of the island. Those visitors who like old villas with huge gardens will enjoy a stroll around the village before or after the beach. Originally called “Dellagrazia”, the village’s name was changed in recent times to that of the ancient God of the sea Poseidon. The locals are still using both names today.

The longest and most popular beach of Posidonia is, a beautiful sandy beach with shallow waters. There are small trees offering shade and one tavern and a self-service restaurant.

Just after Agathopes and further from the village is the beach of Komito.

  • Finikas

Finikas village is shortly after Posidonia. Once the ancient harbour of Syros it now boasts a yacht marina and a large beach with a wide selection of tavernas.

  • Galissas

Galissas is the most popular tourist spot on Syros with many hotels, taverns and a camping and a beautiful sandy beach free of adjacent motor traffic.

  • Kini

Kini is the most picturesque village of Syros with a small harbour for caiques and boats. When the winds are strong you can enjoy the waves as Kini is situated at the Northwest side of the island, where the North winds blow stronger. Traditional taverns are offering their delicious food during lunch and dinnertime.

Ferry schedules

Please note : scheduled ferry departures sometimes vary from the schedule. You always need to check with either your travel agency or at the port authority of Syros, Piraeus or Rafina one week before the departure of the ferry you selected to confirm departure time.

Flight schedules

There are regular domestic flights from Athens international airport to Syros. Direct international flights to Mykonos also connect with one of the numerous ferries or high-speed boats which travel daily from Mykonos to Syros (travel time depending on the kind of vessel you will choose: between 0,5 and 1 hours).

Athens airport:

Mykonos airport:

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Weather forecast

Public transportation

There are buses departing from the port of Hermoupolis to the various beaches and villages around the island. During summertime most of the buses to the beaches leave every half an hour.

Museums and sightseeing places

The Archaeological Museum of Syros, located in the building of the neoclassical town hall of Hermoupolis at the main square of the town.

The fascinating Industrial Museum of Hermoupolis of Syros, presents old machines from the factories located on Syros 150 years ago when Hermoupolis was a flourishing industrial and commercial centre of the eastern Mediterranean

The renovated Apollo Theatre of Hermoupolis, a charming miniature of the famous La Scala opera house of Milan, with beautifully restored wall paintings.


The Metamorfosis Church the seat of the archbishop of the Cyclades, just 20 meters down the stairs from the hotel.

The St. Nicholaos Church in “Vaporia” is the wealthiest church of the island.

The Kimissis Church which hosts a painting by the famous El Greco.

The Catholic Church St. George on the top of the hill of Ano Syros.

Events in Syros

Cultural festival of Hermoupolis, the “Ermoupolia” from the beginning of June to the end of August and hosting theatre performances, events and concerts of all kinds.

Useful telephone numbers

Port Authority: 22810 88888

Airport of Syros: 22810 81900

Police: 22810 96160

Tourist Police: 22810 82610

Fire department: 199 & 22810 87383

Taxi service: 22810 84222

Bus station: 22810 82575

Hospital: 22810 96500